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At Square Pie Marketing we're happy to offer you a FREE 1 hour consultation to understand your goals and take it from there.

After all, if we are going to work closely together, we should get to know each other first.

We are PASSIONATE about what we do.


We believe in developing integrated & innovative marketing campaigns and strategies that meet our clients goals based on insight, marketing knowledge and expertise gained over the years. Our work delivers results & return on investment.

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top three reasons to outsource your marketing to us

1 – You can focus on other areas of your business - saving you time and money
When you outsource your marketing to us, not only you get access to top level marketing expertise when you need it but you’ll only pay for the services you use for as little or long as you need them.
You don’t have to pay for in-house marketers, which mean that, you can avoid the costs linked with employing staff, such as National Insurance, recruitment fees, sick pay and holidays. You’ll also be free to focus on other areas of your business and your marketing won’t get pushed to the back burner regardless of how busy you are. 

2 – Easy access to all the marketing skills you need
You get better value from outsourcing your marketing because it’s simply not possible for one in-house person to do everything a consultant can do. The fact is that it is quite hard to find a single employee who’s an expert in branding, strategic marketing, campaign management, direct marketing and copywriting.
Outsourcing your marketing also frees you up and everyone else in your business to focus on the areas where they add the most value. The fact is that marketing is a different skill set too, letting you focus and what you and your team know best.

3 – Fresh ideas and an objective point of view
When your head’s immersed in your business it’s easy to do things a certain way because ‘that’s the way you’ve always done it.’ This sometimes leads to missed opportunities.
Here at Square Pie, we will review your business with a fresh pair of eyes and guide you through a specific thought process to understand where new opportunities lie and build a plan of action.
In addition, we can provide an objective perspective with knowledge of the latest marketing innovations and techniques, you get sound advice on what will give you the most return on your investment.

who we are

Square Pie Marketing is a marketing consultancy based in Kent, founded by Virginie Giles, a senior marketer with over 15 years experience gained within the retail, FMCG, financial and leisure sectors. We are here to provide you with the same services as having your own in-house marketing team without all the ongoing cost of a full time high calibre marketing expertise.